Using your own CSS Class for the GroupBy Row

I have noticed that when grouping data in the grid, it will use the “EVEN” row’s class. Is it possible to override this to use a different/custom CSS class?

The class for rows can be defined by
If necessary , row can be marked to use specific class name directly in XML
<row class=“some_css” …

That is helpful to know, but the row with the GroupBy header is created through the code, not the XML.  I’m looking to leave the data rows alone and just change the GroupBy Header Row.

I guess I can force every row though XML to new classes called “even_new”, “odd_new” and let the GroupBy header default to the old CSS class.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question.
In case of grouping row it has not its own unique css class, you can use your solution with redefining even|uneven rows to skip “group” row with default styling, or just add one line of code

dhtmlxgrid_group.js, line 216



and assign any css class name , which can be configured with necessary styles.

I suspected I would have to do that.  Thanks for finding the code for me.  Perhaps in the next version of the software, you can give the GroupBy row it’s own CSS (like you showed or through a method).

Thanks again for an awesome product.

Perhaps in the next version of the software, you can give the GroupBy row it’s own CSS
Such updated already made in dev. branch of code