v.3.6 of dhtmlxcommon.js breaking in IE11


We are using v.3.6 of dhtmlxcommon.js in our application. Our application operated on IE8 and everything was working fine. Now we want to migrate to IE11 and and when we opened the application in IE11, DHTMLX Tree Grid stopped working and this error was found in the console “Object does not support property or method ‘getElementByTagName’”. I wanted to know if there is anyway to make DHTMLX Tree Grid work in IE11 without major changes to the code.


You need to upgrade to DHTMLX 4.0 or later.
Earlier versions do not work with IE11

If you have a support subscript, please open a ticket. I can provide a partial patch that can resolve most problems without full upgrade ( it will not fix all problems, for full solution you still need to use the newest version of dhtlmx )


We upgraded to the latest 3.6 pro version of dhtmlx (dhtmlxSuite_v36_pro_131108) and now the error is changed to the below.

SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘selectNodes’
dhtmlxcommon.js, line 35 character 137

I already see some posts regarding this, but the solutions are not clear.

Hope you could help.

Monica Patra

This error is related to XML loading in IE ( in IE11 XPath methods was deprecated for XMLHTTPRequest )

If you have a support subscription, please open a ticket. We can patch this issue, so a code will work in IE11. Also, upgrading to the latest dhtmlx 4.2 will resolve the issue as well.