v1 rc upload to own server

I’ve been going through your tutorial thats available. The look and feel work fine locally, once uploaded to the server, it feels like the css isn’t loading or something, but locally works fine. I even uploaded all the examples that you have in the download, havent moved any folders at all, and when i run it in the browser or ipad2, design wise it doesnt even come close, but functionality seems to work. any ideas?

Can you give a link to such broken online demo page?
There is no any extra steps requires, there is only one css file and if it is included correctly - pages must be shown correctly as well.

6thsenseinteractive.com/test/v1/ … imalworld/

6thsenseinteractive.com/test/v1/ … ouchui.css
That file seems to be broken during upload
If file is valid ( it must be about 45kb ) - maybe you have some css preprocessing on server side, which can alter content of css ?