v3.0 CellToClipboard bug


I’m running version 3.0.

When I select a row in a grid (‘onRowSelect’-event) I wanted to copy the first cell to the clipboard. According to the documentation I could do this:

myGrid.attachEvent("onRowSelect",function(id,ind){ myGrid.cellToClipboard(id,0); });

But when I used this the first cell is not copied to the clipboard, but the selected cell is.

When I looked into the code I found a bug in the dhtmlxgrid_nxml.js file in the function dhtmlXGridObject.prototype.cellToClipboard:
The value of my column is 0 (first column), so the first check fails and it thinks I call the function without the parameters.

I fixed this in my code like this:




Others experienced this problem?
Is this bug fixed in a later version?

Your issue is confirmed and unfortunately the bug is still actual.
Your solution is correct. The similar one will be added to the future versions of dhtmlxgrid.
Thank you.