v3.0 WP MU Problem with Access Rights, Other Small Issues

Hi guys. First of all - fantastic plugin, thank you!

I’m running into an issue with setting the Privacy Mode to anything other than “Off” on a WP MU installation - I get an exception thrown stating that the user table does not exist. You see, the user table the plugin is trying to query is
but the users for the MU setup are stored in the main users table:

Also… dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php line 1373 $SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’] doesn’t play well with virtual hosts and returns a "". I had to change it to $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]

Also… dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php line 921 has a line break character which breaks the javascript because wordpress adds an automatic

tag there. It needs to be replaced with a blank space character.

Not a show stopper for me, but heads up!

thanks for your feedback!
Updated version will be available soon.