V4.0 Grid Alternating Row SkyBlue CSS Colors not working

The alternate colors in the grid stopped showing when multiline is enabled.

As in grid.enableMultiline(true);

Reference your example
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … iline.html

I tried in all 3 major browsers; same result :slight_smile: Thanks!

And the solution:

Move grid.enableMultiline(true); AFTER grid.init();

Calling a enableMultiline() after the init is not correct and it won’t solve the issue.

The problem is confirmed and fixed. You may open a ticket at support.dhtmlx.com and we’ll provide you a fixed css.

Well, I’m sorry this wasn’t the right fix; but it did work for me in IE, Chrome and FF, honestly :slight_smile:

pdenhollander, that didn’t work for me, in Chrome or in IE. My alternating colors came back, but the multiline was no longer working. So it looks like the CSS will be the fix for me.

Sematik and kcasarez are correct. I reviewed the multiline on a grid with images which were ‘faking’ a higher row. Can’t believe I made a beginner mistake like that :astonished: