v4.3.0 Timeline Single Click event bug

I just upgraded from v4.2.0 to v4.3.0 and there is a bug.
It seems that the Timeline view behavior has changed.

When I click on an event, in the previous version, I had an event that fired off a custom modal.
In this version on single click on an event I get a flash of the scroll bar and it seems like a new event is firing and preventing my old event from resolving.

Were timeline single clicks on events changed some how (or possibly some new events added)?

can you please clarify what exact version of scheduler do you use?
The latest released version is v4.3.25 and the previous one was 4.3.1. Do you use one of those or do you have 4.3.0?

My manager, who owns the account, received an email which contained a link to download version 4.3.0 (based dhtmlXScheduler.js). How do we get a newer version (other than emails)?

sorry for the delay,
please contact support@dhtmlx.com , they should have some instructions regarding the update. They’ll need your license number, please be sure to specify in the email