V4 ajax cache

The new option to make sure the web request is not cached is helpful.

My webserver requires name/value pairs and returns a 400 Malformed Request when only the name is supplied.

This fails:

postData += (postData.length>0?"&":"")+"dhxr"+new Date().getTime(); 

Where as this works:

postData += (postData.length>0?"&":"")+"dhxr="+new Date().getTime(); 

I know this can be turned off with:

window.dhx4.ajax.cache = false;

Just wondering if this might get changed soon.

I am running into the problem when using attachURL(url)

How can the cache option be turned off when attaching a url to a window’s cell?

  window.dhx4.ajax.cache = false;

This adds the dhxr=1433510852692 to the url string.