v4 type:"calendar" serverDateFormat not working

I am working with v4 for the first time and notice that calendar serverDateFormat does not seem to be working:

var data = {"id":"31300641","thedate":"07/05/2014 07:13:11 pm"};


{type:"calendar" , name:"thedate", label:"Date",  labelWidth:45, labelAlign:'right', dateFormat:"%m/%d/%Y", serverDateFormat:"%m/%d/%Y %h:%i:%s %a", weekStart:"7", inputWidth:80}



The input box says “Invalid Date”. This was working in V3.

Please, open a ticket in support system.

I opened a ticket and support fixed this the next day. Thank you!

You are welcome!

I need this fix as well. I’m using…

{type: "calendar", label: "Due Date", name: "duedate", dateFormat:"%d-%M-%Y"},

and my JSON coming back contains…

...duedate: "01-JAN-2015"...

at first I thought it was because I use “JAN” instead of “Jan”. But I tried both, they both give “Invalid Date” when I use setFormData();

hi, gfrobenius
If you use PRO - just open ticket in support system and we will give you a solution

We just purchased pro v4.3. Was this problem resolved in that version? I’m asking because it will be a week or so before I can apply v4.3 but would like to know now if I should also open a ticket or not in order to get the fix. Thanks!

Anyway if you use PRO - the best way to get more info is open ticket in support

I have this same problem! I’ve tried…

//RETURNS is[object HTMLInputElement]
//timeStartVar = myForm.getInput(“time_start”);

		//Returns is[object Object]
		//timeStartVar = myForm.getCalendar("time_start");
		//RETURNS isnull
		//timeStartVar = myForm.getItemValue("time_start");
		//RETURNS is[object Object]
		//timeStartVar = myForm.getFormData("time_start");
		//RETURNS isStart Date / Time.
		//timeStartVar = myForm.getItemLabel("time_start");
		//Returns is not a function
		//timeStartVar = myForm.getDate("time_start");

Why can’t i get the calendar’s date?!?!

I also do not have the PRO version.
The calendar is available in the free version; I hope I can get the value of the date from the calendar-in-the-form element :slight_smile:


Hello Eric

Please reffer to this topic viewtopic.php?p=138822#p138822