v451 Ajax

In V451 it looks like the cache bust dhxr parameter is now getting an “=1” appended. This is great as it fixes the problem where Apache cannot understand url parameters without the equal sign.

For Example, in the code is does this in 2 places:

(c.indexOf("?")>=0?"&":"?")+"dhxr"+new Date().getTime()+"=1"}

The only problem is there one place where it is missing:

c.indexOf("?")>=0?"&":"?")+"dhxr"+new Date().getTime():"")}

It is easy to find by searching for “dhxr”+new

I just wanted to let you know. Each time I download a new version, I’ve been adding the “=” so that it works.

For reference, I add the equal sign here:

c.indexOf("?")>=0?"&":"?")+"dhxr="+new Date().getTime():"")}

So the url is built as ....&dhxr=1234567
The browsers and CDNs do look at the right side of the equal sign to determine if the resource is cached locally.

Personally I prefer this over the approach which is being adopted by DHX: ....&dhxr1234567=1
The problem with this approach is that it changes the left side of the equal sign and some server-side tools such as Oracle’s mod_plsql needs to know each url parameter name (unless using flexible url parameters).

I realize all of this can be disabled by setting: window.dhx4.ajax.cache = true;


thankt for the note

that’s correct - some of them are missed and one was added in 4.1.2
I will recheck all sources and add into the future update all missing =1