Validating event before adding event

I’m trying to add an event for validating the dates and that the event title won’t be empty before adding it.
But this code isn’t working for me.

[code] $$(“scheduler”).data.attachEvent(“onBeforeAdd”,function(id){

				   var current_date = new Date();

				   if(this.item(id).start_date > this.item(id).end_date){
					  dhx.alert("Start Date should be less than End date");
					  return false; // event won't be saved, user can fix start date
				   if(this.item(id).start_date < current_date){
					  dhx.alert("Start Date with time should not be less than current date with time.");
					  return false;
				   retrun true; // default action, event will be saved

Also i would like to know how to limit the input boxes to 255 characters.
Just like in html:

How is this done?

maxlength property works for text view but not text area

Please see the similar post about validation:


There is not a built0in attribute maxLength for textarea. However, you may set it after textarea creation using getInput() method:

$$(“txtId”).getInput().maxLength = 10;

If you asked about “details” textarea in Scheduler, you need to call this method from the onAfterRender event handler as editForm is not rendered initially:

this.getInput().maxLength = 10;