Validation of DhtmlxEditor

Hi all,
I am using DhtmlxEditor so in that how to validation on content of dhtmlxEditor please help me its very urgent…


what are you trying to validate?

i want to do validation on editor.getContent() bcoz when no text in editor if we submit then editor.getContent() is giving
as the text. so please help me.


do you have any validation in the definition of the form such as -
validation: “not empty”?

I have an editor on my form and I have an event:

myForm.attachEvent("onBeforeValidate", function (id){
    var txtPlain = myForm.getItemValue("myEditorField");
    alert(txtPlain + "chars: " + txtPlain.length);


if the editor is empty then the variable “txtPlain” is null an length is 0

the stray “br” must be getting into your form some other way - have you pressed carriage return when you have deleted the contents?