validation with dataprocessor

How to validate data if i use dataprocessor to send them to a server ?
if i add them on dp: dp.setVerificator(index, function);(by index or input name or id), form isnt validated, if i add this by form.bindValidator(id/name, function) it always fail validation

Try using form 3.0 -

It provides onBeforeSave event where you may set validator. The event handler takes 2 parameters:
1 - the id of form data
2 - hash of form element

form.attachEvent(“onBeforeSave”,function(formId, data){
return (data.fieldA != “”);

i managed to make it works. how to set data processor to send id to validation function ?

function validate(value, id, indexes) {} <-- value is set, id and indexes are 'undefined'

ok, nevermind, i added this feature myself to form :slight_smile: