validation with radio item don't work

the “validate” method in dhtmlxForm (dhtmlxSuit 3.6) return null if a radio item is in the form.
So the “send” method don’t work properly too.
I attach a little (not)working sample.
Thank you in advance!

Simone (25.3 KB)

Facing the same issue with 3.6 pro version, send event is not working…
Can anyone help??

Thank you

We have the same problem.
normal form.send() is working.
If we put on the form a radiobutton:
print ’
Send is not working anymore.


Laurens Bol


May i know that how long it will take to be fix…AS i needed this fix ASAP.
Whenever i have radio buttons on form the send event not work at all, it was working with 3.5.
i am using 3.6 pro version.

Thank you

Hi to all

the “validate” method in dhtmlxForm (dhtmlxSuit 3.6) return null if a radio item is in the form

change dhtmlxform.js a bit:

this.validate = function(type) { if (this.callEvent("onBeforeValidate",[]) == false) return; var completed = true; this.forEachItem(function(name,value){ if (typeof(value) != "undefined") name = [name,value]; // [] used for radiobutton completed = that.doWithItem(name,"_validate") && completed; }); this.callEvent("onAfterValidate",[completed]); return completed; } this.validateItem = function(name,value) { if (typeof(value) != "undefined") name = [name,value]; // for radiobutton return this.doWithItem(name,"_validate"); }

who need fix for compiled dhtmlx.js please send completed working demo to

Its working now, :wink:

For me it’s working.
Thanx for excellent support


Can you provide a fix for the free version of dhtmlxform 3.6


Hi to all

attached zip contain fixed form version 3.6 build 130416
which currently can be download from our site

compressed/dhtmlxform.js - only form, compressed version
full_with_common/dhtmlxform_full.js - compressed version, dhtmlxcommon.js included
source/dhtmlxform.js - form source version

make sure your radiobuttons have value attr set (85.8 KB)