Value is not displaying properly on editing a column in subg


On editing a cell value in my sub grid, the value is not displayin properly.However in non editable mode it is properly displaying. I don’t have any idea that this is because of height of row or something else.
Please see the snap shot.

Here is my code:

MainGrid.attachEvent(“onSubGridCreated”, function (subGrid, rid, rindex) {

subGrid.attachEvent(“onEditCell”, function () { return false });
subGrid.setNumberFormat(“$0.00”, 0);
subGrid.setNumberFormat(“0”, 1);
subGrid.setNumberFormat(“$0.00”, 2);
subGrid.enableEditEvents(true, true, false);
subGrid.loadXML(“XYZ.aspx?ID=” + ID, function () {
subGrid.callEvent(“onGridReconstructed”, []);

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed locally.
Please, make sure that you didn’t add any custom css.
If issue still occurs - please, provide with a complete demo, where the issue can be reproduced.