Value of 'btn2state' ?

Dear sirs

i send a form to php. How can i get Value of ‘btn2stat’ ?

{type:'block',offsetTop: 29,width:398,list:[
   {type: "fieldset",label: "Optionen",width:373,list: [
      {type: "settings",position: "label-left",labelWidth: 28,inputWidth: 51}, 
      {type: "btn2state",name: "field1_10",label: "N3U:",tooltip: "Auftrag ist ein NE3 Ticket (UM)",<?php if ($row_auftraege['ne3'] == '1') { ?>checked: true<?php } else { ?>checked: false<?php } ?>},
      {type: "newcolumn"},

PHP (does not work - result is always 0 but should be 1 if btn2state is checked):

$test = $_POST['field1_10'];

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No idea?

I really find nothing in this forum and documentation about btn2state :frowning:


add to dhtmlxform_item_btn2state.js:

dhtmlXForm.prototype.setFormData_btn2state = function(name, value) { this[value==true||parseInt(value)==1||value=="true"||value==this.getItemValue(name)?"checkItem":"uncheckItem"](a); }; dhtmlXForm.prototype.getFormData_btn2state = function(name) { return (this.isItemChecked(name)?this.getItemValue(name):0); };

Fantastic :smiley:

Thank you so much