Vault and Message conflict

Hello, I have problem when using Vault 2.3 together with dhtmlXMessage
When I put dhtmlx.js before dhtmlxvault.js, error message: dhtmlx.message is not a function.
When I put dhtmlxvault.js before dhtmlx.js, error message: w1.attachVault is not a function.
Very confused, What solution for this problem. Thank you

    <script src="../../codebase/dhtmlx.js"></script>
<script src="../../codebase/dhtmlxvault.js"></script>
<script src="../../codebase/swfobject.js"></script>

	function doOnLoad() {
		// init on object on page
		var dhxWins = new dhtmlXWindows();
		var w1 = dhxWins.createWindow("w1", 20, 30, 400, 350);	
		var myVault = w1.attachVault({
		    //container:  "winVP",             // html container for vault
		    uploadUrl:  "../server/upload_handler.php",        // html4/html5 upload url
		    swfPath:    "dhxvault.swf",             // path to flash uploader
		    swfUrl:     "../server/upload_handler.php",        // flash upload url
		    slXap:      "dhxvault.xap",             // path to silverlight uploader
		    slUrl:      "http://localhost/server/upload_handler.php", // silverlight upload url, FULL path required

		dhtmlx.message({text: "Hello"});

We need the whole demo to test the issue.
Please, provide it to us on with link to this topic, or send us a direct link to your project
Guide of creating demo: … pport.html

Sorry disturbing again, After replaced the old one, problem still exist. You give me fixed css, is it css or js problem?
It was vault js issue.
What issue have you now? Locally works fine after this fix.

You give me this file (from email attachment), contain one file: dhtmlxvault.css.

  • You said this problem caused by dhtmlxvault.js, but you give me dhtmlxvault.css.
  • You said replace with the old one, but when I check with File Compare Tool between old and new dhtmlxvault.css identical each other. So what’s the point replacing identical file ? or
    are you sent the wrong attachment (dhtmlxvault.js instead dhtmlx.css) ? (1.83 KB)

Sorry last sentence: dhtmlxvault.js instead dhtmlxvault.css

Oh, sorry…
Sent you correct file on e-mail

Ok, now running without problem
Thanks for your good response

You are welcome!

Do you think you attach that same file to this thread? I am having the same issue as he was.

Hello, dsherwin
You can ask for the same file on and we send it to you
Attach a link to this topic in the letter