Vault Behavior Changed In IE6

For months the Vault component has worked flawlessly and seamlessly in IE. I tried to use it today to find that it now inexplicably locks up my Application the IE Browser in a full lock-out crash. My Debugger crashes too and tells me nothing before it dies. Oddly the simple sample php code still works fine. But my long-working php Application code uising the identical Vault code is not. There has been no change in that code at all for Vault. The only change has been the install of the new version 2.1 which doesn’t include any code for Vault.

I tried it in FireFox 3 and Safari 3.2.2 and my Application code works perfectly as before.

Is it possible that there is a collision of function names or something causing IE to lock up entirely? Maybe an errant IE setting that you’ve heard of before?

Will the upcoming release of Vault help in this area?