vault (crashes during upload IE,Firefox,Safari)

Dear all,

I am using dhtmlx Vault //v.1.5 build 9755 (pro) on IIS6 with classic asp.

I can’t do anything with the browser until the upload is finished.

I have this issue with IE 8, Safari 4.
Firefox 3.5.7 is working fine, but Firefox 3.6 crashes completly.

I found out that the upload handler will be opened a lot of time.

Do you know, how to solve this issue ?
Please take a look at the screenshot.

thanks in advance

We do not officially support classic ASP, since it requires custom DLL. Still, we have a sample code for it. As i can see from the screenshot, you are using some custom upload handler. We do not have it’s code, so it is hard to help you. It should work properly in any supported browser. Please send us all your code for review.


Please open the file uploadFile.asp and modify the path(uploadsDirVar) and make sure that your IIS has the necessary rights on that folder.

I removed the codebase folder from the zip archive.

thanks for taking a look on it.
VAULT (5.82 KB)

Yes, I am using a custom upload handler without any DLLs.
My upload handler is not supporting any upload progress (except start and finish :slight_smile: )

Does your upload handler for classic asp support any Upload Limit (checked in the uploadHandler.asp or DLL ?)

It would be very fine, when you can send me your upload handler sample, with a upload progress and an Upload Limit)

thank you in advance

did you took a look on it ?

Yes. There must be some issues with the values returned by GetInfoHandler.
It should return values from 0 to 100 during the upload, and finally it should return -1 which means end of upload for the current file.
Also, you may return the following error codes (since version 1.5):

  1. “error:-2:N:M:” where N - current upload size, M - allowed maximium, for example “error:-2:500:400:”, then the control with popup error message that the file is too big.
  2. “error:-3:S:” where S - any error code. This means some server-side error, any error.

If you need our asp sample, please write an email to support and request them.