vault document upload browser progress bar never complete


I’m using vault v1.5/1.6 and find that on first load the browser progress bar in IE8 never complete. Uploading a second document resolves the issue. Has anyone else experience this problem? You can replicate the issue using the vault demo on the DHTMLX web site.


Is there some specifics in document size or name?

Nothing specific. I’ve tried all file sizes and types and they all give the same issue.

I am having the same problem, basically I am using the dhtmlXVaultObject to upload files. It stucks on first go in IE8 and then we call clear then it works fine. Any update or fix??

But its working fine on Firefox.

Is there admin or dhtmlx tech ever reading these threads? I am having same problem. This script is horribly documented and appears broken. WHen I try uplaods the “busy” progress bar never terminates or moves.

Same experience before but i was able to fixed it see details below:


vault.setServerHandlers(“UploadHandler.php”, “GetInfoHandler.php”, “GetIdHandler.php”);


vault=new dhtmlXVaultObject();
vault.setServerHandlers(“custom_include/dhtmlxSuite/dhtmlxvault/handlers/php_simple/UploadHandler.php”, “custom_include/dhtmlxSuite/dhtmlxvault/handlers/php_simple/GetInfoHandler.php”, “custom_include/dhtmlxSuite/dhtmlxvault/handlers/php_simple/GetIdHandler.php”);

you have to place the complete path of the handler files and use php_simple folder not php folder.

inside the Uploadhandler…php:


<?php include 'database.php'; /** make sure you have database comnnection if you plan to connect it on database.. sample at the top 'database.php' **/ $id = $_GET['sessionId']; $id = trim($id); session_name($id); session_start(); $inputName = $_GET['userfile']; $fileName = $_FILES[$inputName]['name']; $fileName=$user_id.'_'.$gg_date.'-'.$fileName; $tempLoc = $_FILES[$inputName]['tmp_name']; $filetype=$_FILES[$inputName]['type']; echo $_FILES[$inputName]['error']; $target_path = 'c:\\wamp\www\\CURVE_JUNE_30_2013\\content\\'; /** you have to place the exact target path like sample above and you will not face problem **/ /** the content folder at the last \\content\\ is the storage for the files **/ $target_path = $target_path . basename($fileName); if(move_uploaded_file($tempLoc,$target_path)) { $_SESSION['value'] = -1; } $sql="INSERT INTO file_gallery_temp SET // for storing data into mysql -- disregard it if you are not using mysql ndatabase filetype='$filetype', filename='$fileName'"; $ok=@mysql_query($sql); if(!$ok){ die("database error storing file:".mysql_error()); } ?>

//******************************************************************************** //

hope this would help

I don’t understand why you use double slashes in your snippet.

Is that just a typo or is it required for some obscure reason?

Hello everyone!
Is this issue replicates with the latest 2.0 version?