I tryed to install on my server dhtmlxVault and it doesn’t works !

I tryed different path, but I hav always “ERROR”.

My server : Linux with php 5.2

The “index.html” of this script is on : /dhtmlx/

The PHP files on : /dhtmlx/test2/

My code :

Upload Control


    h1 {cursor:pointer;font-size:16px;margin-left:10px;line-height:10px}

    xmp {color:green;font-size:12px;margin:0px;font-family:courier;background-color:#e6e6fa;padding:2px}






DHTMLX Vault sample


Upload Complete


You can place this JavaScript file upload anywhere on your web page, attaching it

    to any div object.

    Set up server handlers for your server type.

Click “Add” button to select files.


Please try to run those php scripts directly from your browser and see the server error log for details.