Vault file uploader not working with DHX file manager application



We are facing issue after integration of vault file uploader in DHX file manager in which we are using suite libraries.

  1. We added reference on index.html for vault.js and vault.css.
  2. Written code for initialize vault on page.

vaultinitializeCodeSnipped.txt (123 Bytes)

Please find attached files for code snipped and the DHX file explorer screen on which we are trying to integrate vault file upload control.

vault file upload control is initialized successfully, but when we are trying to upload file using drag/drop feature available in this, it is not working, except click on browse button is working.

Your’s quick help will be appreciated.


Unfortunaetly the problem cannotbe reconstructed locally.
Could you please, priovide a more detailed code snippet or a complete demo, where the issue could be reproduced.


Hi sematik,

We have integrated vault file upload control in DHX file manager, but the functionality of upload files using drag and drop is not working with file manager except it is working when we are creating separate HTML page.
Kindly see above attached screen.

It seems like, problem is occurring when we are using suite.js and vault.js on same page.
if this is the case, kindly suggest us that how can we use both js libraries on same page.

Please let me know in case of any other questions or suggestions.



We are using vault file upload control in DHX file explorer application that is using suite.js. vault file upload control is using vault.js. So that’s reason both js are conflicting each other.

So please give a proper solution for this. @vault_support



Thank you for you clarification.
The problem is confirmed. We’ll try to fix it in the next vault update.