Vault hidden GET variables

Hi there,

In an earlier post someone asked about hidden GET variables to uploadHandler. You stated this would be coming in 1.3. I have reviewed code and I cannot see a way to do the following:

var documents_vault_upload_url = ‘/my_framework.php?task=uploadFile’;

Our framework deals with security etc so I would rather not go outside of the framework to do the upload. Based on what i see in dhtmlxvault.js:

this.uploadForm.action = this.pathUploadHandler + “?sessionId=” + this.sessionId + “&fileName=” …

this does not look possible. Any suggestions besides hacking the JS?

I don’t think I can use

vault.setFormField(“task”, ‘upload’); as the tasks are different for each of the upload, info and id requests.


You should use the initialization like this:

vault.setServerHandlers(’/my_framework.php’, ‘/my_framework.php?task=uploadInfo’, ‘/my_framework.php?task=uploadId’);
vault.setFormField(‘task’, ‘uploadFile’);

Then it will work as expected.