vault hidden GET variables


I am using the PHP samples w/ dhtmlxVault & dhtmlxGrid.

Is it possible to send hidden _GET variables to UploadHandler.php?

ie. I am using dhtmlxGrid to have the user select an item they wish to upload photos for. I would like to send the SelectedRowID along to UploadHandler.php, so I can associate the photos being uploaded with the item currently selected on the grid.

Great products…thanks!!


This will be available in the next version, 1.3. It is coming this Friday. If you are a licensed user, please send us your lic. # by email, and we can upgrade your version.

New version 1.3 is released.

Hello, I am now using v.1.3 Standard Edition build 9639 of dhtmlxVault.

I am still trying to send hidden _GET variables and having no luck.

My vault script:


Selected Folder:



Here is my UploadHandler.php script:
ini_set(‘display_errors’, ‘On’);
error_reporting(E_ALL | E_STRICT);

    $id  = $_GET[‘sessionId’];
    $id = trim($id);


$folderStr = date(“F Y”);
// check for this month’s folder

if (!file_exists($folderName)) {
    mkdir($folderName, 0777,true);

    $inputName = $_GET[‘userfile’];
    $fileName  = $_FILES[$inputName][‘name’];
    $tempLoc   = $_FILES[$inputName][‘tmp_name’];
    echo $_FILES[$inputName][‘error’];

    $folderName = $GET[‘folderName’];
    if(!$folderName || $folderName == “none”) $folderName = “…/…/…/uploads/” . $folderStr;
    else $folderName = “…/…/…/uploads/” . $folderName;                                         

    $target_path = $folderName . “/” . basename($fileName);

$fileExt = findExt($fileName);
        if ($fileExt == “zip”) {
    $newFile = explode(".",$fileName);
    $newName = “…/…/…/uploads/” . $newFile[0];
    $target_path = “…/…/…/uploads/” . $newFile[0] . “/” . basename($fileName);

    if ($fileExt == “zip”) {
    // change permission on $target_path to 0777

    $zip = new ZipArchive;
    $zipFile = $target_path;
    if ($zip->open($zipFile) === TRUE) {
    $extractPath = “…/…/…/uploads/” . $newFile[0] . “/”;


    // create thumbnail
    if ($fileExt == “jpg”) {
    $tnName = $folderName . “/” . "tn
" . basename($fileName);

    // end upload session
    $_SESSION[‘value’] = -1;   


I am trying to set up a list of folders, so users can upload to a specific folder. The $_GET[‘folderName’] variable does not seem to be passing to uploadHandler.php

Please help!

They are sent using POST, please use corresponding code to read POST variables.