Vault overrides dhx.i18n object with undefined

We had annoing messages about calling of setLocale function of Vault on undefined object with the current version and Suite5

It seems to be just a typo in following code part of vault.min.js:


respectively in unminified version:

exports.i18n = w.dhx && w.dhx.i18n ? w.dhx.i18 : {};

monkey patching to

exports.i18n = w.dhx && w.dhx.i18n ? w.dhx.i18n : {};

fixes this Problem.

i suppose Vault has the same behavior with the current suite version (8.2)

Thank you for your report.
The problem was confirmed. We’ll try to fix the typo in one of the future updates.
I’ll inform you when the issue will be fixed.

You’re welcome.

Just a general question:
Do you prefer reporting fundings in this forum or have you some kind of Issue Tracker?

We have no public issue tracker, so the post on forum, or the support request are valid and the only available solutions.

We fixed your reported problem in the latest dhx.Vault update (v4.1.3.).
Pleas,e download the latest available dhx.Vault build from your client’s area to get this fix.
Thank you for your report.
Best regards.