vault style

Im playing around with the demo version of vault - once i can prove it will do what i need I can purchase the required license. I’ve seen the samples and it looks like it will do what I need with a tiny bit of modification, my problem comes when I try to add it into my own form - the funtions appear to work but the formatting goes.

The buttons become out of alignment and after clicking ADD the inserted file name becomes at the bottom of the file image and the remove/upload works have roughly a 15mm gap between them, also the dividing grey bar under every file has gone.

Any ideas how I can resolve this formatting?

Please send us your html code for review (
It is hard to answer without seeingthe actual html code.

Ive fixed it, I had some defaults hidden away in my css. Now i just need link to database and send text and upload codes then it should be ready to demo.

Thanks for such a fast response