Vault, Windows Server 2008, ASP, file won't upload

Hi, I want to use dhtmlx Vault in a project,

It took some time until I managed to configure it so I received no errors on Windows Server 2008 (I debugged it with Firebug); but know seems not to work at all, although I get no errors. The file won’t upload on the directory that I specify.

I must say that with the same configuration on IIS 6 from Windows XP the files are getting uploaded.

Both servers are virtual machines in Virtualbox. I didn’t make any adjustments in The XP machine, except making the virtual folder Vault.
On the Windows Server 2008 SP1 after the installation I setup the Web server role, then setup the Virtual folder and that’s all.

I tried to watch what happens on the server and listened with Systinternals Process Monitor, and found nothing.

I don’t know what else should I do to find the problem.

Can you suggest me an tool to “debug” and find the problem.
Or do you stepped into this problem with other clients?

I’m waiting from an answer from you, and I’m ready to give you any infos so that to find together the problem.

I attached the files as they are on the Win 2008 server.
There is an virtual folder x that points to \vserver\c$\inetpub\z-virtual-foldere\oferte
The Vault virtual folder points to \vserver\c$\inetpub\z-virtual-foldere\handlers
The folder where I put the storage is \vserver\c$\zupload\storage
Then I access the upload form by: vserver/x
I get no error, instead I get the message that the file is Done uploaded, and when I look in the uploading folder, is empty

On the xp machine everything goes well.

Hi, it seems there is some issue with Windows Server 2008 new IIS and uploading handler. We will investigate this and try to fix.

We have just found a solution for this server. We will update our ASPX sample soon.


please let us know when it will be available!

Here is the fix. (9.96 KB)