vb.net version of dhtmlxScheduler Sample

I’m thinking of using dhtmlxScheduler in an existing site via commercial license
basically I’m thinking of using it to display and change individuals work timetables(i.e shift patterns) with an overview of all workers.

Thing is existing site is a vb asp.net site, do you have the a vb version of the sample site included in your download, also refering to the above will dhtmlxScheduler be able to create these timetables?


Lawrence (solved4u)

Scheduler.Net can be used with any .Net language, but, unfortunately, all samples are using C#

Unfortunately you may have lost my business, I like what I see in your demo. Due to my timescale in presenting a demo to a client I have no choice other than look at a control (like radcontrols) that provides demos and documentation for VB. All of the schedule tools available will require a degree of modification, hence it would be nice to work from a demo.

Also the second part of the question has not been answered.