Vertical arrange in Grid

I use Pro and Grid is a terrific tool, but now I need to display vertically.

To explain: I have only one row of data and I want to display them vertically as a Form.

Is that possible?



As far as I can understood, it not possible.
But you can change configuration and use a single column - grid allows to define different editor types for different rows in the same column. … 3253751000

Thank you, it looks like I want!
But when I call loadXML('myphp.php') which return xml as your sample:

Form FieldsField ValuesWorkerOffice ManagerCar DriverProgrammer
First, Last Name
John, Bossom


Salary1500High Education1Age29Comments Some Multiline content Color of bloodred

... I get the very known error: Incorrect XML!
If I pass the same xml text to any Xml validator, it passes with no errors.
Could I missing a header or something else, I dont know.

This error occurs only with mozilla/5.0 Firefox 3.0.5, and not with IE 7.

Can I make any set up to Firefox to avoid this error?



The same xml work correctly locally when server from static XML file, so problem most probably caused by php script.
Be sure that
- correct content type use ( text/xml )
- there is no unnecessary whitespaces before <?xml declaration ( Mozilla specific issue - probably your case ) … rt_comprob