Vertical drag & drop


I am wondering if it’s possible to make a vertical drag & drop ? For example if I want to modify the ressource assigning to a task : can I drag & drop the task to an other resource ?

Thank you in advance.

Please clarify what exactly you want to do with tasks. What do you mean that you want to assign it to another resource?
To enable the ordinary vertical drag and drop add these lines in your code:

gantt.config.order_branch = true; gantt.config.order_branch_free = true;

Please check this example: … evels.html

Thank you for your reply,

Yes this exactly what I want to do but I want to do it by dragging and droppring the task to another ressource. In the sample you showed I was only able to drag and drop the all line.

Do you know if it’s possile to only drag and drop a task to another ressource ?

Thank’s a lot.

Could you clarify what do you mean by “drag and drop the task to another resource”?
We have an example where it is possible to drag and drop the task and assign it to another person: … ource.html
If you mean something else, please clarify what resource you are referring to.

Thank you for your reply,

Actually one ressource will correspond to a person and one person will be associated to a unique row in the Gantt.

The need did not change : we still want to be able to drag and drop a task from a row to another.

Is it clearer ?


Sorry, I’m afraid I still do not completely understand how the functionality you need should look like.
Could you send a screenshot with an example how it might look like or a link to an application/website where I can see how it looks like?

Ok let’s do it in this way. Actually the use case is pretty simple.

I have 2 rows in my Gantt, one row for one ressource (here a ressource is a person).
Let’s consider ressource 1 is Charles, ressource 2 is Henry.

Let’s consider now Charles is working at the office A the fifth of may from 8 AM to 7PM. So the gantt is displaying a task on the first row (ressource 1: Charles), at this stage everything is clear or no ? please confirm or infirm thank you.

Here is my need : I want to assign this task (working at the office A the fifth of may from 8AM to 7PM) to Henry. And I do not want Charles to do this task anymore.

And here is my question : Will it be possible to drag and drop this task to the second row (ressoucre 2: Henry) ?

I hope it’s clearer.

If we talk about classic gantt chart, each row represents a task … _init.html

  • thus, each row can have only one task in it.
    I think what you describe is closer to a resource timeline (dhtmlxScheduler component), pls check this example: … lines.html
    as you can see here, each row represents a resource/category/etc which can contain multiple tasks. It allows moving tasks/events between resources - is it close to what you want?
    dhtmlxGantt in it’s turn doesn’t have support for a ‘resource mode’, where multiple tasks will be displayed in a single resource/row. We plan to add such mode, but it’ll be some time. The closest available feature is this example … ource.html
    If you click on the “Show resource view” button, gantt will group tasks by persons (owners).

I have resources like Res1, Res2, Res3 and it has jobs like
Res1 -> Job1
Res2 -> Job2
Res3 ->
Res4 -> Job3
i want to drag Job1 to Res4, how to achieve the same.

Hello Velumani,
I think, it can be achieved using the grouping extension:
In the following sample you can group by owners then drag a task to another owner then switch to the tree view.