Vertical Order to Horizontal Order

Dear all,


I can see only vertical order.
Is there any method to change horizontal order?
and set align method?

Thanks in advance

b ------------> a b c


WIll available soon.
For the moment only vertical.


“Will available soon” means next releaes on September, right?

A bit later probably.

What kind of items and how do you want to layout?
And what form’s features do you want to use?

I’m trying to list my controls left to right as well. The form contains text input fields, and so it would be better to ‘shorten’ the form, and not have the user scroll down 10 fields.

Any solution to this? I have the same need


you can use newcolumn or absolute positioning … ositioning … olumn.html

yeap I know how to put the form in two columns, what I am not able to do is to change the tab order of the form from vertical to horizontal (so it changes from the first element of the first column to the first element in the second column, then to the second element of the first column and so on)

Please provide screenshot of awaited form struct?

attached is the screenshot.

there are all input types except Gender field which is a type=combo

current tab order is : position, first name, gender, email, last name, telephone number, comments

desired tab order: position, first name, last name, gender, email, telephone number, comments


then you need to use blocks:

{type: “block”, list:[
{type: “block”, list:[

great thanks for your help!