Vertical Scrollbar within the dhx_matrix_line


I have a line on my sections called “Not assigned” where I keep all the tasks that need to be assigned. This list might go quite big vertically so that, the assigning feature would require me to go page up and page down in order dispatch the tasks.

I see here tree possible solutions

  1. set position fixed/blocked for the upper lines, in this case from section B/A upwards
  2. overflow-y with a fix for the line in question
  3. have two schedulers (synchronized and alined vertically). The top one with fixed position, the lower one (for the not assigned tasks) with vertical scroll (either defined within the scheduler or within an initial Div where the scheduler will be running.

Any idea which solution seems to be more plausible and efficient?


I think the simplest solution would be to use two schedulers.
Other ideas will require complex customization of the Timeline, and will likely require making changes in source codes.
I can offer some recommendations for solving your task. You do not need to fix the upper scheduler, because each scheduler will have its own independent scrolling.
In order to align both shedulers vertically, specify the same parameters using the createTimelineView method.
You can synchronize both schedulers using the onViewChange event. In order to do this, when the onViewChange event fires on one scheduler using the setCurrentView method, change the view of another.
Here is a demo:


Thank you so mush. This seams to flow very smooth. Ill make some more tests and will write here again what better suited me. Great support :slight_smile: