Vertical scrollbar

Hi Support,

This is my containers for grid. I am using light skin.

When the row count(row size) goes beyond the gridbox height, default vertical scrollbar comes.

The vertical scrollbar dosnt take the complete width. Some part of vertical scrollbar hides. Say only 90% of vertical scrollbar is visible(width wise).

How to fix?



Please check attached sample, it uses the same HTML code and there is no any problems with vertical scrollbar.
The scrollbar is a part of grid container, so it can’t be partially hidden with default styling, but if you have some custom styles attached to grid inner elements - similar issue may occur.
Please check used css, if it uses some globar css rules for TD or DIV tags - they may cause issue. (87 KB)

I have attached vertcalScrollbar.doc file which will show different behavior of scrollbar when tried with default and light skin.
This issue might be related with skin.
waiting for ur reply.
thanks. (35.5 KB)

Which version of grid you are using?
There was an known issue in split mode of dhtmlxgrid 1.5, which cause similar effect. But problem is not reconstructable for dhtmlxgrid 1.6