Vertical sliders in a dhtmlXToolbarObject


Does anybody knows if it possible to have a vertical sliders within a toolbar ?
Or if such a function is planed in the dhtmlx roadmap.
Thank you in advance.

on one hand one can create indiviual vertical slider by using

var mySlider = new dhtmlXSlider({
parent: “objId”,
size: 150,
value: 5,
step: 1,
min: -10,
max: 150,
vertical: true,
linkTo: “inp”,
inverse: true

on the other hand from the online documentation addSlider() method in a dhtmlXToolbar do not seems to provide the horizonal vertical selection parameter, whereas comments mention such a possibility :

addSlider() method should be used to create a new Slider:
myToolbar.addSlider(id, pos, len, valueMin, valueMax, valueNow, textMin, textMax, tip);
As for input parameters the user should set, they are as follows:
id - id of the new slider item;
pos - position of the new slider;
len - slider’s length (or width/height, it is set in pixels);
valueMin - minimum possible value;
valueMax - maximum possible value;
valueNow - the value slider is set to for the moment it is created;
textMin - the text displayed to the left of the slider (in case of horizontal slider display) or below the slider (in case of vertical slider display);
textMax - the text displayed to the right of the slider (in case of horizontal slider display) or above the slider (in case of vertical slider display);
tip - this parameter sets the tooltip text.
Note: if the user wants the Slider to be created tooltip text-free, it’s necessary to write an empty string as tip parameter.

Is toolbar height enough for you to have such little vertical slider?
Function addSlider() adds horizontal slider by default because of toolbar design