View All along with enableFilteringMode()

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I am using dhtmlxCombo. I have a doubt regarding the functionality.
When I am using enableFilteringMode(true) and when I click on the arrow button to display all value it just shows me values that are matching the filter, which I had input in the filter.

When I am using enableFilteringMode(false) and when I click on the arrow button to display all value it shows me all the values.

My question is that can I have enableFilteringMode(true) and click on the arrow button and still display all the values?


The idea behind the filtering mode is to send only part of items based on your filter, not the whole collection. Either you do filtering on serverside (combo.enableFilteringMode(true)), or you do it on client side (combo.enableFilteringMode(false)). If filtering mode is activated, then with every modification of your filter (typing something in a combo), it will send new request to the server side requesting new subset of items. In fact you can send back the whole collection of items for every such request, but to be honest I do not see any reason why you might need this. It will add extra network load and will work exactly as if you had filtering disabled.

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Try the next approach:

combo.attachEvent("onOpen",function(){ var text = combo.getComboText(); window.setTimeout(function(){ combo.setComboText(""); combo.filterSelf(); combo.setComboText(text); },1) })


Please ignore my previous answer. Darya’s sample is what you need. Sorry for inconvenience.

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This approach deselect the current selected value of the popup also. Do you have got any idea’s how to keep the selection, after resetting the filter?


Could you please, clarify what popup do you mean.