View button text


Is it possible to change the text in the view buttons? For example I want to change the text in the week button from “Week” to “Agenda”.

Second question: Can I change the order of the view buttons?

How can I do this?

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check this article … ialization

You can change tabs order by changing it in DHXScheduler.Views array.
However, if you use terrace skin, it will require some additional handling. Terrace skin automatically groups tabs, so you’ll need to disable this behavior with
DHXScheduler.Config.fix_tab_position = false;
and then set position manually with
View.TabStyle, e.g. DayView.TabStyle = "left:50px"; In order to create groups with rounded first and last tabs(like day-week-month in default layout), you can use following css classes
dhx_cal_tab_last - make right border rounded
dhx_cal_tab_first - left border rounded
dhx_cal_tab_standalone - all borders rounded
e.g. DayView.TabClass = "dhx_cal_tab_last";