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I really like your team’ work. I have attached a link of snapShot that what actual view is required from my side and needed in AngularJS. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Hello @OsamaMunawar,

The screenshot looks like a timeline view with little customization.

Please note that the Timeline view is available only in PRO versions of the scheduler. Here is a guide on how to add PRO version to your app:

List of configs, that I can suggest from the screenshot:

“Images in label cells”:
You can implement it with the timeline_scale_label template:{timelinename}_scale_label_template.html

The thing that you have to do is to return the “image” in addition to the section name, example of code:

scheduler.templates.timeline_scale_label = function(key, label, section){ 
    return  `<div class="bg"> <img src="${}" width="100" height="100"> ${label}</div> `; 

Demo “Images in label cells”:

“Different colors of events”:
You can colorize events in a few ways which are described in the following guide:

Demo “Different colors of events”:

“The format of dates in the date scale”:
You can change the format of dates with the scale_date template:{timelinename}_scale_date_template.html
second_scale_date template:{timelinename}_second_scale_date_template.html

If you have some difficulties especially in angular integration, you can use the following demo of Angular integration as a code reference:

Feel free to clarify if I missed some points from the screenshot.

Kind regards

@Siarhei Thank you very much for you reply and provided links.