view of timeline with appearance in announcement?

I am looking at the “New Features for Timeline View” section of

How do I get my timeline view to look like that? The default view I get has a blue in the background, and there is a separate definition of the blue in the header. The Day/Week/Month switchers buttons are tabs and not buttons. And the time navigation buttons are not rounded. The view I get in not nearly as clean as what is shown in the blog post.

Is the view configurable to look like that only in the new version? Is this the default look for the timeline in the new version?

you need to switch scheduler to ‘terrace’ skin. Check this topic … rrace_skin

Thanks. Do you know why the header of that page seems to indicate that this page is under … tomization but there is no link to “Skins” on that page? Trying to think how I would have found it and I do not know.

I’m not sure why it had been made that way) We will consider placing the link at the index page, but currently you can find it at “Styling” page