View related info in every event (usernam, objects)


Really great calendar function you have here.
I have a question about the


Is it possible to show username and other objects related to every event?

I have a mysql db with all info. The user id in events table is related to my user table in db. Likewise can my system register event objekt in a seperate table related with events_id.

Where can I put the query to get proper data showing in each event?


On server side you can pass extra fields to the 3rd parameter of render_table and use client side templates to show such extra values … ng_content

If you need to fetch data from few tables, you can try to use render_sql instead of render_table, and place sql query with all necessary joins instead of table name ( but in such case you will need to add custom save handlers, because auto-saving will fail for sq-query as datasource )