view:'text', type:'date' help

I am not sure if how I found this control:

{view:'text',label:'DOB', id:'dob', labelWidth:60,	inputWidth:348, type:'Date', value:"???????"}

It is exactly what I need, providing the ability to hand enter a date or select it from the popup.

I am unsure how to set the initial value, also how to set the value via a parse as in:


Is a way to define the server’s date format?

You need to use datepicker control. Please see the samples/02_form/01_init.html sample

The default date format is “%d.%m.%Y”

The format can be changed by dateFormat property in control configuration. If server date format is different from the displayed, you can use externalDateFormat for it (dateFormat - for displayed date)

The datepicker looks nice. Does it allow the user to input the date from the keyboard?

For a field such as Date of Birth, it is not practical to push the back button 12 times to go 1 year backwards.

If the user is allowed to type in an input, it will be impossible to apply formatting. For the Date of Birth you can choose different editor. For example it can be a combination of 3 selects: day, month, year.

Here is an article about creating custom controls: … rm_control

I just learned that this type:‘date’ is a new html5 input type: … _types.asp

it is possible to set a default value with:

.... value:"2012-11-08" 

I’ll experiment with this for a bit.

The type:“date” is very nice when viewing from the iphone/ipad:

This iOS date picker appears in Safari and Chrome automatically. Just set type:date

There is a also an iOS time selector for type:“time”

Also type:‘tel’ changes the keypad to the number entry mode. This works great for phone, qty, zip, etc…

I should follow up to say, these controls appear on the iPhone/iPad. In the desktop browsers they do different things…