View Type/Container??

Having an issue trying to figure what type of view (or should I use a container)? I have a layout with a top row toolbar and two columns beneath on left is a list and on right column I would like to populate with detail. So everytime user clicks on a list item I would like to pull the detail from a data source and present it on the right column.

The right panel must be a “template” in such case.
You can define a formatting for it and load only json|xml data.

Oncoming update ( will be pablished on this week ), will add ajax-content-loading ability to “template”. So you will be able to fully format data on server side and load it in the designated area by ajax call.

Can you provide an example cause I did use template and got nothing… I tried to format with HTML to present my data results

Sample is attached
sample_t2.ZIP (49.8 KB)