Views - using Form makes fail

It seems a form can not be attached to a view.

This will work.

            var layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, '1C',"dhx_terrace");
            var form =  layout.cells("a").attachForm([
                {type: 'fieldset', label: "Details:",width:450, list: [
            var grid = layout.cells("a").view("bb").attachGrid();

And this seems to have issues.

            var layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, '1C',"dhx_terrace");
            var form =  layout.cells("a").view("bb").attachForm([
                {type: 'fieldset', label: "Details:",width:450, list: [
            var grid = layout.cells("a").attachGrid();

When trying to run layout.cells(“a”).view(“bb”).setActive();

What dhtmlx version do you have? Similar issue is fixed in v.3.6

dhtmlxSuite 2013 Rel.1 (DHTMLX 3.6) Professional edition build 130417 EVALUATION VERSION

So, if you can write to support, pleace, create ticket in support system and attach there complet demo to let us reproduce your issue.
Guide of creating complete demo is here: … leted_demo


Any progress regarding the issue ?
I have a similar problem using dhtmlx 3.6. It is not easy to reproduce since it seems to happen under certain circumstances.


Hello, stathis30_2000
This issue was fixed. How can we try reproduce the issue you have?

It seems that it was my mistake after all. False alarm then :slight_smile: My code had a bug that seemed to affect the setActive method.