Vista - Visual Studio - C# Masterpage. Permission Denied

How i keep getting Permission Denied error whenever i start the page. my script is as follow:

<div id=‘a_tabbar’ style=“position: absolute; top:60px; left:0px; width:100%; height:500px”>

<script type=“text/javascript”>

tabbar = new dhtmlXTabBar(“a_tabbar”, “top”);



tabbar.setSkinColors("#FCFBFC", “#F4F3EE”);

tabbar.addTab(“a1”, “Static”, “100px”);

tabbar.addTab(“a2”, “AJAX”, “100px”);

tabbar.setContentHTML(“a1”, “Some static text here”);

tabbar.setContentHref(“a2”, “”);





The error appears in the following JS.  --> ? “POST” : “GET”, filePath, this.async)

I suspect vista or visual studio (Masterpage) is throwing this error. wonder anyone can help with this. thanks.l


You use “ajax-html” loading mode in the provided example.

In case of Ajax it is not possible to load pages from another domain.

You can try use iframe-based loading mode. For example, “iframes”: