Visual designer 4 not saving...


Hi All,

Not sure if its my browser or the designer that has the problem but I just cannot get anything to save!

I currently use OSX 10.10.1, Firefox 34.0.5

I’ve even tried chrome and safari and nothing! It just will not work!


  1. design something:
  2. click file then save
  3. copy the Editor link (e.g: … ve/#xj0002)
  4. open link in another browser or even on another PC
  5. All I get is a blank page in the designer, not even the startup config ???

any ideas if the is a bug in the Visual Designer?




UPDATE: I have just found this in Firebug, if this is anymore of a help…

GET: … &id=xj0002

RESPONSE: invalid uuid


Problem confirmed and fixed.
Please try now - it must work correctly.


Wonderful , all working correctly now :smiley: