Visual designer widgets



Where are widgets we could drag&drop in the visual designer … gner/live/ ?

Is this feature in the desktop version ?
Where can we read some information about the desktop version ?


There are two ways to add components

a) select item in tree, right click and select one from the list
a) select item in tree, click add button on top and select the necessary item in list


I must have a wrong url, do you have the correct one please ?
Because, with my url, there is 0 way to do what you describe as there is no item in tree.


Which browser you are using?
Just checked it in Chrome - all works correctly.


Yes it works. Can’t we have a visual toolbox for widgets ?
So we would have a widgets toolbox and a widget explorer.


We will check hot current designer can be extended with such functionality.


Is it in the working list ?


Something like Sencha architect will be a good improvement in 4.x releases