Visual Studio - Dynamic tab / content in iframe (on demand,

I am trying to use the tab component in a visual studio application. What I need to do is load content on demand in each tab based on user permissions pulled from a database. So the tabs themselves need to be dynamic and the content needs to be refreshed when the tab is clicked. I have been looking for a sample that doesn’t use XML for this, as I don’t want hundreds of xml files laying around. Is this possible, and if so, can you point me to an example? I can create the javascript on the fly if necessary…Thanks!

Robert Lewis

All options which can be configured from XML, can be configured by javascript, actually near half of samples not use javascript but init tabbar by pure javascript.
For example … ntent.html

If you need some specific functionality - please mention details.

Also, the loadXML command may work with dynamic sources, so you can call
where some.aspx normal .net script which just return configuration data in XML format.

Ok, I can produce the javascript code to create the tab.  What I want to do is load external ASP/ASPX files in IFRAMES.  The example to do that uses XML specifically to do that:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<tabbar  hrefmode=“iframe”>
        Google groups
        Google search

How do I do this with HTML or Javascript?  Thanks!

Robert Lewis

Ok, nevermind…I’ll create a function that returns the XML needed for input.  That should get me what I need.  Thanks! :slight_smile: