Visualization of complex Tree structure problem


using the tree structure, if my tree has many levels, the text of more nested ones return to next line much earlier than the higher level ones. It would seem that the relative DIV of the node (class dhx_tree-folder) becomes shorter as you level down. How can we resolve this situation?

tks in advance


Unfortunately the problem is not clear. Could you please,clarify it with the a complete demo, demo link or some screenshots.


Hi. see this two image:

in the images there is a tree contained in a resizable layout. In the first image, you can see that the text of the node indicated by the green arrow is longer than that of the node indicated in the red arrow (I have drawn a thin gray line to highlight this). We have therefore moved the edge of the layout in the direction of the blue arrow, reducing the space available to the tree. The result (look at the second image) is that the text of the node indicated with the red arrow go to new row before the text of the node indicated by the green arrow. Why ?


I aplogize for the delay wit the reply.
Thank you for your clarification.
The problem is confirmed, we’ll try to fix it in the future updates.


We have finally fixed the wrapping problem in the dhtmlxTree.
Please, try to use the latest (currently 6.5.3) version of the dhtmlxTreeto get the fix: