VS 2008 DHTMLXSCHEDULER.DLL - NetFramework 3.5

No file can be referenced in visual DHTMLXSCHEDULER.DLL.

I was working with a file dhtmlxScheduler.dll but because they expired 30 day trial and now I downloaded another file and I can not reference it

I am working on visual studio 2008 ( framework 3.5 ) with asp.NET

Download the dll of this page : scheduler-net.com/download.aspx

From what I’ve read DHTMLX.dll file is currently reading net framework 4.0 before it leia with framework 3.5 … I do not know if you read visual studio net framework 4.0

I wonder if DHTMLX.dll file can be read with the framework 3.5 and in that page you downloaded

please help!! thanks!!

we may provide build for .Net3.5, check the download
s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … _net35.zip
We’ll add it to the dhtmlxScheduler NuGet package and packages on scheduler-net.com in the nearest time

Evaluation period has expired … Help mee!!! Please …
Thanks You

I am having the same problem. That link downloads a DHTMLX.dll that gives the error, “Evaluation period has expired.”

Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll fix package in an hour

Hi did you get to update yet? I’m still receiving the error. thanks!

I’ve just downloaded a package from this page
scheduler-net.com/download.aspx - DHTMLX Scheduler .NET Free Trial
and ran Scheduler.MVC4 project, calendar showed up without any errors. Do you retreive package from some other source?

The link,

downloads the version for .NET 4.0. That version works fine for me. It is version for .NET 3.5 that gives the “license expired” error.

It’s this link that throws the error:

s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … _net35.zip

The 3.5 version of the DLL


Hi BillB, sooty. Right now our package does not contain build for .NET 3.5, we need to update configuration of our package building system in order to include it. So it may it take some time.
The version for .NET 3.5 from my earlier post was built manually and have worked for a 30 days from a build date (and unlimited with a license key). I can upload another one, since we haven’t solved the issue with the different target frameworks from our side yet.
s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … 131213.zip

Hi moan, since you’ve been evaluating the component for a several months already, maybe you should consider obtaining a license? 30 days limitation works for the evaluation version only.

I have downloaded DHTMLX.dll from (scheduler-net.com/license.aspx). But its already expired. Can i get a new trial??

sorry for the inconvenience, please redownload the package. It should work correctly now.

Build for .NET 3.5
s3.amazonaws.com/uploads.hipcha … 131227.zip

Thank you :slight_smile: