want auto scroll off


I am using dhtmlXGrid. while rendering grid, horizontal scroll bar appears. But the problem is if I double click on the last/ second last cell. the cell horizontal scroll happens and the position of the cell appears at the beginning of the grid. I don’t want this behavior.

How I accomplish this task…

thank u.


By default grid uses auto-scroll on selection ( adjust vertical and horizontal scroll so selected cell come in focus )
You can disable hor. auto-scroll by adding next code to the grid’s init

grid.moveToVisible=function(cell){ return grid.moveToVisibleA(cell,true); }


I had a subgrid with large no of rows. As soon as i selected the parent row, it used to moveToVisible which I was finding weired for my case. The above technique was useful to me. I disabled the autoscroll feature as …

grid.moveToVisible = function(cell){return true;};

Thanks for the above suggestion.