Want dynamic css styling for x axis of dhtmlxchart


I am displaying 2 types of chart in my application.
One is bar chart with rotated x-axis scale. (for this I have used the css tranform property in dhtmlx.css )

Other one is scatter chart where I want x axis to be proper. means a non-rotated text.
Since I have changed dhx_axis_item_x, even this scale is rotated.

So can I suggest dynamically my css element as style as part of my chart.
Please guide me at earliest.

Mamatha G


Can anyone help on this.
I want to dynamically update css style for x-axis scale, depending on the type of chart.

Is it possible in dhtmlxchart, please let me know else need to go for other possibilities.


Unfortunately the dynamic changing the dhtmlxChart elements styles is not supported.